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"Building a Better World of Breeders"

Seasons Greetings from Breeding Better Dogs

A Few Tips about the Road

Do you travel with your dog? …… 37% of Americans do.

2 dogs with suitcases

  1. The first time is usually the worst one. So make it a short trip.  We all know people who refuse to travel with their pets after having suffered a stressful first time out. And that’s to be expected. If it wasn’t a complete fiasco and your dog has sound temperament, it’s probably a good idea to try it  again. This time be sure to make it a short trip and stop somewhere for a little fun, like a dog park.
  2. Traveling with a puppy can be a double-edged sword. Puppies can make the traveling experience tough. Consider the problems of separation anxiety, house breaking issues and chewing ! Despite these drawbacks, traveling with a pup offers plenty of opportunities to socialize them and provide them with many enriching experiences that will pay off later in life. Some of the best socializing experiences can be provided via the rigors of travel. Exposing a pup to as many new environments early has many benefits. Start first with a few short trips than extend them slowly.

We've posted a new Article;

Reported Risks Associated with Spay, Neuter

Gonadectomy, or neutering, is a very common surgery for dogs having many positive effects on behavior, health, and longevity. There are also certain risks associated with neutering including the development of orthopedic conditions, cognitive decline, and a predisposition to some neoplasias. This study was designed specifically to identify if a correlation exists between neuter status and inherited conditions in a large aggregate cohort of dogs representing many different breeds.

Some of the breeds reported at high risk: Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Neapolitan mastiff, Airedale Terrier, Bichon Frise, Basset hound, Bloodhound, Afghan hound, Borzoi, Belgian Malinois, Bouvier des Flandres, Collie, Old English sheepdog, Puli, Shetland sheepdog and German Shepherd Dog.

New Stick Dog Pedigree Software

This is a must for every breeder & owner because:

  • Generates three (3) pedigrees
  • Built by engineers who work for Microsoft.
  1. Traditional Pedigree - Names, titles , certifications etc.
    Traditional Pedigree
  2. Stick Dog Pedigree - Generates & Codes seven (7) conformation traits. Color codes show strengths/weaknesses of ancestors. Displays structural traits (ears, head, neck, front, back, rear, tail). Color codes are based on breed standard. i.e. blue is correct, red a fault etc.
    Stickdog Pedigree
  3. Symbols Pedigree - Codes pedigree for health information (affected, carriers, temperament etc.) Includes littermates; Circles are females, Squares are males. Solid colors indicate affected & dots indicate carriers.
    Symbols Pedigree

Software Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Stores pedigrees and data about each dog on your computer
  • Remembers details of dogs previously entered
  • Populates new pedigrees as you need them
  • Easy to import/export pedigrees and share with friends
  • Additional data fields include: AKC Reg. #, longevity, breeder, owner(s), puppy records, etc.)
  • Includes detailed User Manual with step by step instructions.

New Seminars

Research and scientific findings have made two seminars very popular. Both provide hands-on useful information.

  • Structure, Movement and Pedigree Analysis
    Learn how to recognize good structure and movement and code pedigrees for breeding purposes.
  • Making of a Super Dog
    Learn how to breed by direction rather than by chance. Students learn to improve breed type, health, trainable dogs with stronger heart beats, tolerance to stress with greater and more resistance to disease.

Both seminars include pedigree analysis, nutrition, factors of maternal influence and socialization. Record keeping techniques included.

  • Choosing the Best Puppy Seminar on DVD
    Choosing the Best Puppy DVD Cover
    One study showed that over 60% of the top-winning dogs in most breeds were not owned by their breeders, which suggests a lack of skill and know-how. The best ways to choose puppies and reduce errors is now available in a DVD format called “Choosing the Best Puppy”.

Find a seminar near your residence or ask your club to host one. They meet AKC’s annual educational requirement. Synopsis of each seminar can be found here.

War Dog Documentary

A Free VHS Tape, you pay only shipping. Expires 1/31/17. This is the amazing saga of American dogs in the Vietnam War. Narrated by Martin Sheen. Click Here

Continuing Education

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