Breeding Better Dogs

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Seminar Format: 1 and 2 Day

The Breeding Better Dogs seminar is an all-inclusive seminar

The Two-day seminar explains how to develop the skills needed to analyze pedigrees and how to develop a breeding plan. Included are the methods for coding pedigrees, selecting sires, choosing puppies and managing those that are kept by the breeder. This is the most popular of all the seminars because it allows more time for discussion questions. Also included is a hands-on session that demonstrates how to recognize correct shoulder placement (lay-back, lay-in, length of upper arm) using live dogs. Audience participation is designed to teach each person how to teach their hands to see what their eyes can’t.

The video "GAIT”, is used to demonstrate ways to see and recognize correct and incorrect movement and structure. A seminar handout with optional reading assignments is provided.  The audience is asked to bring a pedigree.

Core topics for both seminars

  • Eight breeder skills
  • Breeder Tools
  • Two methods used to analyze pedigrees
  • Selecting sires and dams
  • Evaluating litters
  • Choosing the best puppies
  • Developing a useful record system
  • Managing and developing the pups kept by breeders
  • Two day seminar - Live dog demonstration – Structure and Movement
  • Two day seminar - Video presentation – "Gait"
  • Two day seminar - Pedigree analysis using depth and breadth methods