Choosing the Best Puppy

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Seminar Format: 1/2 and 1 Day

Choosing the best puppy is a skill that is not well developed and is often confused with evaluating litters. Because most  puppies  are purchased between 8 -16 weeks of age it is important to know how to choose the best ones. Dr. Battaglia explains the methods breeders use and their levels of success which vary considerably . In an unpublished study involving more than 60 breeds it was found that more than 70% of the best dogs in those breeds were not owned by their breeders.  Reasons given were pressure from buyers to sell early, too many pups to manage, recommendations of others etc. This seminar shows breeders and owners a reliable method that minimizes risk and reduces the chances of error.  It is called "From the bottom up".

Core topics include the following:

  • Techniques for evaluating pups at different ages
  • The importance of location and the surface used when evaluations take place
  • How to reduce the chances for making an error in selection
  • Structural characteristics of pups that make a difference
  • Behavioral traits to notice
  • The importance of nutrition for the dams during gestation
  • Techniques that make pups smarter
  • How to manage and develop pups
  • The importance of socialization and enrichment experiences
  • Tests used for the selection of young dogs

This seminar is supported with a DVD "Choosing the Best Puppy" which also demonstrates how to use early neurological stimulation.

This seminar is 3 hours in length and can be combined with the seminar titled “Early neurological stimulation.”