Developing Puppies

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Seminar Format: 1/2 and 1 Day.

This seminar is ideal for National Specialties or as an evening seminar at dog shows (typically the first day of show weekend)

This seminar includes the use of nutrition for the fetus and the experiences needed during the first year of life when a puppy's nervous system develops and stores information that is of inestimable use at a later date.  What makes this seminar popular is the low rate of success for picking puppies. More than 60% of the best dogs in most breeds were found not to be owned by their breeders. Reasons given, a lack of skill.  

This seminar focuses on learning the specific skills, methods and techniques needed to find and develop the best puppies. The audience will learn how to choose the better pups and develop them using a variety of techniques and methods.  This seminar includes a demonstration on how to use novel experiences and early neurological stimulating exercises. The audience will learn how to be creative in the use regular trips to schools, parks, shopping centers, social events and ball games. Owners of young dogs with busy schedules will also find this seminar useful.  Activities and methods that improve a dog's attitude and body conditioning are combined with ways to make trips outside the kennel or away from the home where new and different experiences, smells, interactions and opportunities to investigate can be meaningful.

A seminar handout with optional reading assignments is provided.  

Note:  Optional. The audience should bring a pedigree.

Core topics include the following:

  • Nutrition of the fetus and development of the brain
  • Nutrition and its influence on litter size
  • Early neurological stimulating exercises
  • Techniques that make pups smarter
  • How to manage show and performance pups
  • Using the maternal Influence
  • Socialization
  • Enrichment Experiences
  • Testing and the selection of young dogs