Structure, Movement & Pedigree Analysis

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Seminar Format: 1/2 and 1 Day

This seminar was designed as a seminar for National Specialties or as an evening seminar at dog shows (typically the first day of show weekend)

This seminar includes and combines the principles of structure and movement and how to code structure the faults and virtues in pedigrees

While there are many faults described in breed standards it is important to distinguish between the faults of conformation and the aesthetic flaws which can be divided into three categories:

  1. Cosmetic. The non-structural traits that are inherited (color, coat length, pigmentation, eye color etc.)
  2. Structural. The faults that cause failure in the show ring (size, shape, proportion, top line etc.)
  3. Environmental. Acquired faults (caused by mismanagement and nutrition and are not related to genetics).

Defects are different from faults. Some will be described inbreed standards; others will affect a breed's function.

Defects can be divided into two categories

  1. External. Mostly affecting the coat and skin. They are influenced by genetics, nutrition and environment.
  2. Internal. Those affecting skeletal structure, organs and certain body functions such as the joints, vision, behavior etc. They can be influenced by genetics, nutrition and the environment.

Understanding faults and tracking them through pedigree analysis separates the average from the outstanding breeder. This seminar explains how to understand the complexities of structure and how to make improvements. A seminar handout with optional reading assignments is provided.

Core topics include the following:

  • The principles of movement standing and in motion
  • How to analyze and code the Stick Dog pedigrees for the seven structural parts of a dog
  • The parallel movement on the same side of the body
  • Traveling in the same plane
  • Two straight columns of support
  • Single tracking
  • Correct crops and tail sets
  • Lay-back and lay-in of shoulders
  • Why some dogs have short necks

Note: Live dogs will be used and attendees will learn how to teach their hands to see what their eyes can’t. A seminar handout with optional reading assignments is provided.

Note: Optional - The audience should bring a pedigree.


I attended Mr. Battaglia's

I attended Mr. Battaglia's seminar. Hands down the best seminar I have attended in years! It was interesting from start to finish! I was so impressed that I purchase everything including the book and 4 CD's, one of which was the Stick Dog Pedigree Software program

Bichon Frise Club of America National Specialty

You presented the best seminar I've ever heard at the recent Bichon Frise Club of America National Specialty. You mentioned the importance of DHA in pregnant and nursing females. Please refresh my memory as to the amount recommended and the time period it is to be given. Thank you, Sue 2017