One of the biggest misconceptions about breeding and developing puppies that can become "super-dogs" is that it can only be done by a very few. But the truth is that anyone who is willing to learn the eight skills of a breeder and invest time in this effort can do it. 

Experience shows that breeder success begins with learning the specific skills needed to:  understand pedigrees, the principles of structure and movement and the techniques to choose and develop puppies. All of this is within the grasp of those who want to learn.  With skills and effort, breeders can learn how to breed by direction rather than by chance.

Dr. Battaglia’s seminars have gained worldwide recognition. His lectures explain how to develop the specific skills and techniques that make a difference.  Through his seminars, hundreds of breeders have been able to produce better dogs and become leaders in their breed.  His four seminars were designed to help both new and seasoned owners and breeders accomplish their goals. The core topics for each seminar are listed below. Clubs can select and arrange topics that fit their club’s needs.

Dr. Battaglia is a researcher, author, lecture, leader and an expert in canines. He has bred Champions, Select dogs and Futurity and Maturity Winners. He is a director of the American Kennel Club, past Chairman of the National Genetics Committee, and author of several books and more than 50 published articles which bring new insight to each seminar. His seminars are updated as new research is published.

Seminar Formats

  • Breeding Better Dogs: 1 & 2 Days, 3 & 4 Hours
  • Choosing the Best Puppy: 1 & 2 Days, 3 & 4 Hours
  • Developing Puppies: 1 & 2 Days, 3 & 4 Hours
  • Early Neurological Stimulation: 1 & 2 Days, 3 & 4 Hours
  • Making a Super Dog: 1 & 2 Days, 3 & 4 Hours
  • Structure, Movement & Pedigree Analysis: 1 & 2 Days, 3 & 4 Hours

Seminar Costs

  • 2 Day seminar: $700
  • 1 Day seminar: $500
  • National Sociality: $400
  • Evening seminar: $300