Making of the Super Dog

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Seminar Format: 1 and 2 Days.

One of the biggest misconceptions about breeding and developing super-dogs is that it can only be done by a very few. But the truth is anyone willing to learn how to invest their time and effort can do it.   These dogs can be found among the Seeing Eye breeders, those that breed for the show ring, obedience, tracking, hunting, herding, search and rescue, police, military, Home Land Defense and TSA. Dr. Battaglia has been involved in helping in these efforts for some time.

Some of the key characteristics of a super dog include: well-bred dogs via pedigree analysis, smarter and more trainable, improved cardiovascular performance (heart rate), stronger heart beats. Better adrenal functions, more able to tolerate stress and greater resistance to disease.

Core topics include the following:

  • Overview of how they are produced
  • Developing a workable plan
  • Using eight breeder skills
  • Using breeder tools
  • Nutrition for the fetus and young pups
  • Nutrition to influence litter and body size
  • Early Neurological Stimulating exercises
  • How to selecting sires and dams
  • Using the maternal influence
  • How to use socialization and enrichment experiences
  • Record Keeping and pedigrees
  • Managing pups that are kept

The audience is asked to bring a pedigree. A seminar handout with optional reading assignments is provided. 

Note:  Optional. The audience should bring a pedigree.

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