Kennel Disinfection

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Step by Step
End the Path to Infection

Best results from industry leaders. Guidelines for effective cleaning!


  1. Remove animals from pens,runs and paddocks
  2. Remove toys, hair, food, water, fecal matter.
  3. Removed bedding. Wash and dry.
  4. Use proper equipment (Non-porous boots, garments and gloves)

    rubber bootNon-Porous Overhaulsrubber gloves

  5. Use a detergent that removes dirt, grime, oil.


  6. Wet surface. Use stiff bristle brush, scrub right to left and top to bottom.


  7. Rinse. Let “Dry” or squeegee “Dry”. Apply disinfectant to dry surface.

  8. Empty water buckets. Scrub inside, remove all debris and algae. Wash with disinfectant, let dry. Fill buckets with fresh water.
    Water bucket

  9. Use two gallon pump sprayer and Pathogend CURoxide (99.9999%). Select cone nozzle spray.
     Kill ratio of 99.99% printed in red circle.

  10. Follow directions and “Dwell Time”. Spray  right to left and top to bottom.

  11. Pathogend users. Spray and wait 10 minutes until completely dry.

  12. Return dogs to kennel.
    Cartoon Animal

  13. Clean and disinfect your non-porous boots/shoes, scoopers brush and hose.

  14. Repeat weekly for best results

    Cartoon image of a pathogend with a red x

(Disinfectant rating:   Good -> 99.9% to 99.999% <-Better)

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